200Deep™ offers an automated investment platform that utilizes the convenience of technology and expertise of human advisors to provide clients with a best-of-both-worlds investment solution. They partnered with TE+A to create a stronger brand and website that better reflects their practice and aligns with their brand and to formulate a strategic marketing plan to reach their audience and to accelerate growth.

Branding Solutions

TE+A worked alongside 200Deep to refine their logo, corporate identity and brand. The brand story TE+A created serves as a foundation for all marketing efforts and provides compelling points of differentiation from their competitors. After assessing other areas of need, TE+A continued marketing efforts with the creation of branded collateral and digital assets to be used as calls to action.

Digital Solutions

The development of the company website was to unify the brand and to have a consistent and appealing image to users. From color scheme to copy, the TE+A team polished every aspect and detail of the website. SEO, email marketing, search and display, landing pages and retargeting were coordinated with offline activities to maximize 200Deep’s search and view potential.

Marketing Solutions

TE+A created a robust digital media campaign across search, display, retargeting and social to drive awareness and leads to the top of the 200Deep sales funnel. Based on a concentration of their target audience demographic, TE+A launched a geo-based campaign that informs, educates and drives leads to custom landing pages and 200Deep’s online risk tolerance test.