Investor Solutions

Investor Solutions

Investor Solutions is an industry leading investment management firm that has established a strong following in passive investing and high touch client service. They selected TE+A for their new website initiative because of our expertise in brand management and digital marketing capabilities. They wanted to not only revitalize their brand messaging, but do so in a manner that maintained their rich heritage developed over 25 year and connection to their client base.

Branding Solutions

TE+A incorporated its mastery of brand management and keen eye for design to accomplish the client’s wish for a total website overhaul. Through a forward thinking layout, TE+A preserved the client’s established culture and brought it into the modern landscape. Showcasing the partnership team was also accomplished to elevate the prestige of their leadership and highlight the vast experience shared amongst the team. New corporate photography was taken to better portray the firm’s new offices, the team, its partners, and the founder, Frank Armstrong III.

Digital Solutions

An enterprise solution website was constructed that detailed the client’s level of expertise and longevity in the industry. A large part of this was the creation of a comprehensive resource center, which sheds light on the client’s continued presence in the media and its history as an industry leading firm. Paired with improved calls-to-action, TE+A accomplished the client’s wish for a superlative website revitalization.

Marketing Solutions

In addition to the website revamp, TE+A created a new Retirement Snapshot offer, as well as other compelling calls-to-action, designed to enhance engagement and strengthened the client’s lead gen efforts to garner stronger results.