Mendel Money Management

Mendel Money Management

Mendel Money Management provides transparent, fee-only wealth management and financial planning services to clients and has been in service for over 30 years. TE+A was chosen to rebrand the firm and create an all-new company website that has a user-friendly interface and provides essential and necessary information to clients.

Branding Solutions

TE+A worked with Mendel’s leadership to create a new corporate logo and corporate identity system that was modern and progressive. A complete set of new collateral was also developed to bring a consistent level of quality and superior impact with client touch points. TE+A also took all new corporate photography of Mendel’s founder, staff and corporate facilities.

Digital Solutions

Mendel’s website was a combination of an informative site for lead capture, a client portal for clients to access necessary resources and a platform for original content such as blogs. An interactive interface was used to describe and explain the Mendel Money PersonalPath™ Planning Process as a means of creating engaging content and minimize copy length. This all-in-one site is both efficient and effective.