Money Matters With Ken Moraif

Money Matters With Ken Moraif

Money Matters With Ken Moraif, a registered investment advisory firm that specializes in retirement planning, came to TE+A for a complete brand revitalization. TE+A worked diligently with their ownership and leadership team to fully understand the firm’s market position, the long-standing affinity the firm shares with their popular radio show, key points of differentiation, and long-term growth plans. Through TE+A’s brand audit process, a crystallized brand message and roadmap to take the firm into the modern digital marketing landscape was created and executed upon.

Branding Solutions

TE+A’s brand audit process identified areas of concentration and needed improvements. It started with reinvigorating and elevating the look and feel of the brand. This included a fresh and updated logo and corporate identity program, a new brand standards guide, and a revamp of all of marketing and operational materials. TE+A took a deep dive into the firm’s rich history through meetings with their leadership team to fully understand the connection they share with their client base, translating that understanding into a new look and feel.

Digital Solutions

A complete website redesign was one of the main focuses of the brand reinvigoration. TE+A built a new corporate website from the ground up, creating and launching a comprehensive resource center that leveraged the firm’s media mentions, radio shows, video assets and more. Additionally, TE+A provided complete prospect journey email and communication flows for the firm’s lead generation efforts.

Marketing Solutions

TE+A has ongoing efforts with the client, providing digital media, presentation materials, email campaigns, and podcast support. The marketing services provided by TE+A bolstered the firm’s move into the modern digital marketing landscape.