Nepsis Invest with Clarity


Nepsis, a fast growing asset management company, was looking for a marketing firm to drive the message of “Investing With Clarity™” to the marketplace. TE+A was selected and a beautiful partnership was born. Being led by a progressive and experienced marketer, the client understood that to accomplish their goals, they needed to integrate and optimize their CRM system, blogs, videos, newsletters and social media efforts. Additionally, they needed to provide operational and marketing support to a network of affiliated advisors and IARs.

TE+A worked with Nepsis to develop a robust and flexible digital hub and online footprint, integrating the core website with powerful business tools, rich content, and automated outbound marketing campaigns. A powerful and user-friendly CMS was created to leverage the website’s network of public facing sub sites.

After completion of the enterprise website solution, TE+A worked with Nepsis to create a new broadcast radio show, collection of video assets, and social media presence. Ongoing marketing efforts include content creation, broadcast TY, email campaigns, Google Adwords, social media and seminars.