Semper Capital Management

Semper Capital Management

Semper Capital Management, an independent investment management firm specializing in mortgage securities and other asset-backed investments, came to TE+A looking to strengthen their branding materials and develop a new corporate website to reflect their continued growth and emergence as a major player in the New York financial market.

Branding Solutions

TE+A worked with Semper’s internal marketing team to develop a full understanding of the client’s history, areas of specialization, and plans for future. Striking imagery, modern typography and a rich corporate color palette were used throughout, helping create a more cohesive and compelling look to firm’s materials.

Digital Solutions

Semper’s new website features a clean, professional look, which was modeled to reflect the firm’s core values of inclusion, team, and community. Being a veteran owned company, special attention was given to the cultural commitment of the firm as a leader in giving back and being a champion of veterans. To showcase these initiatives and highlight other important media appearances, a news section was created that highlights Semper’s dedication to clients, the industry, and community causes.

Marketing Solutions

Ongoing projects, such as video and website enhancements, continue to help promote the firm in the best light possible, maintaining a look and feel that is always Semper.