Sparta Wealth Partners

Sparta Wealth Partners

Sparta Wealth Partners is a unique multi-family office company for discerning individuals, families and businesses. They exemplify the strong qualities known in ancient Spartan culture into financial and wealth management, including loyalty, discipline and endurance, to help clients achieve their desired goals.

Branding Solutions

TE+A worked closely with the founder to develop a new branding strategy for the yet to be named family office. Through research and exploratory meetings, the name Sparta Wealth Partners emerged as the moniker to best portray the unique and personalized service offering of the business. A complete logo, tagline and corporate identity program was then created to reflect the vision of the enterprise.

Digital Solutions

As a newly formed company, Sparta needed to have a solid online presence. TE+A was charged with creating a robust digital hub for Sparta that told their unique story, showcased their Partner Resources and relationship with Alden investment Group, their broker/dealer.

Marketing Solutions

The successful launch of Sparta Wealth Partner as a new business was accomplished through great coordination with the firm’s leadership, their broker/dealer and TE+A. Marketing support activities across email and social are ongoing as Sparta marches forward towards their growth objectives.